The Beauty of Melancholy

Sadness is my addiction. It helps reminding me there is still yet to come. To truly live, we need to constantly experience all sorts of emotions. It is what makes us human. It is part of life. It is beautiful to feel.

Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul?

Ask Me
"Everybody is identical in their secret unspoken belief that way deep down they are different from everyone else."


I was waiting for the longest time, she said. I thought you forgot.

It is hard to forget, I said, when there is such an empty space when you are gone.


"How could you go about choosing something that would hold the half of your heart you had to bury?"

"You should not
have to rip yourself
into pieces to keep
others whole."

"How do you get so empty? Who takes it out of you?"